14.00 mi Walk in Frauenwald on 15/01/2012 1:24 PM





1181 ft

Begins in:
Frauenwald, TH, Germany
Created By:
Johannesle1 Best Time: 3:16:48
This is a 14.0 mi Walk in Frauenwald, TH, Germany. The Walk has a total ascent of 1181.05 ft and has a maximum elevation of 3,072.01 ft. This route was created by Johannesle1 on 01/15/2012. View other Walks that Johannesle1 has done or find similar maps in Ilmenau.


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Climb Details

Rating Start/End Points Length Start/End Elevation Avg Grade
Cat 4 2.07 mi/4.83 mi 2.76 mi 2399 ft/2976 ft 4.0%
Cat 5 6.14 mi/7.83 mi 1.69 mi 2740 ft/3056 ft 3.5%
Cat 5 9.09 mi/10.28 mi 1.19 mi 2853 ft/3039 ft 3.0%

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