Cork to Cobh via old Railway line to Passage & Monkstown





290252 ft

Begins in:
Cork, Ireland
Created By:
John Desmond
Walk from Cork City to Cobh. Follow the route of the old Cork, Blackrock &amp; Passage railway line as far as Glenbrook. Cross the river by using the river ferry and then complete the walk to Cobh. <br> Walk time = approx 3h 15m at a modest pace.


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Climb Details

Rating Start/End Points Length Start/End Elevation Avg Grade
Cat 5 0.06 mi/2.24 mi 2.18 mi 23 ft/201 ft 1.5%
Cat False 23.19 mi/44.14 mi 20.95 mi -106662 ft/240 ft 96.6%
Cat False 53.71 mi/61.48 mi 7.77 mi -38687 ft/9 ft 94.3%
Cat hc 66.27 mi/70.74 mi 4.48 mi -22893 ft/-967 ft 92.8%
Cat hc 74.10 mi/77.58 mi 3.48 mi -16552 ft/-155 ft 89.2%
Cat hc 84.42 mi/91.45 mi 7.02 mi -34061 ft/228 ft 92.4%
Cat False 112.15 mi/120.79 mi 8.64 mi -106569 ft/-62948 ft 95.6%
Cat hc 129.43 mi/134.96 mi 5.53 mi -106774 ft/-78535 ft 96.7%

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