Cass Bay to Lyttelton





563749 ft

Begins in:
Christchurch, New Zealand
Created By:
Melanie Gray
This is a 4.61 mi Walk in Christchurch, New Zealand. The Walk has a total ascent of 563749.45 ft and has a maximum elevation of 100.89 ft. This route was created by melgray104115638 on 05/27/2007. View other Walks that melgray104115638 has done or find similar maps in Christchurch.


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Climb Details

Rating Start/End Points Length Start/End Elevation Avg Grade
Cat False 16.97 mi/28.91 mi 11.94 mi -88255 ft/-27026 ft 97.2%
Cat False 34.38 mi/44.76 mi 10.38 mi -53772 ft/-930 ft 96.4%
Cat False 65.09 mi/80.81 mi 15.73 mi -106576 ft/-25465 ft 97.7%
Cat False 93.80 mi/113.45 mi 19.64 mi -91805 ft/201 ft 88.7%
Cat False 130.85 mi/146.08 mi 15.23 mi -88130 ft/-9709 ft 97.5%
Cat False 164.80 mi/185.12 mi 20.33 mi -106565 ft/-972 ft 98.4%
Cat hc 199.17 mi/204.14 mi 4.97 mi -73212 ft/-48978 ft 92.3%
Cat False 208.12 mi/221.30 mi 13.18 mi -68379 ft/-65 ft 98.2%

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