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Atrium 2 - Rings Road 2 mile walk Walk route image 2.06 mi Walk Atrium 2 - Rings Road 2 mile walk Dublin, OH, United States NTKT131 Mapped by 11/05/2007
DCU walk Walk route image 2.74 mi Walk DCU walk Dublin, Ireland oreilkat Mapped by 06/10/2008
into towm and back Walk route image 5.77 mi Walk into towm and back Dublin, Ireland cabara Mapped by 08/31/2008
Baggot lane Walk route image 1.64 mi Walk Baggot lane Dublin, Ireland Joyce101 Mapped by 09/09/2008
27/02/2009 Route SUGARLOAF LOOP Walk route image 8.26 mi Walk 27/02/2009 Route SUGARLOAF LOOP Waterford City Ireland, Ireland blaalarry Mapped by 02/27/2009
08/07/2009 IoD Virtual Walk Leg 1 Walk route image 120.93 mi Walk 08/07/2009 IoD Virtual Walk Leg 1 Northern Ireland, United Kingdom j1lstuart Mapped by 08/07/2009
Glangevlin - Tiltinbane-Cuilcagh-Gap-Benbrack-Slievenakilla-Glan Walk route image 19.24 mi Walk Glangevlin - Tiltinbane-Cuilcagh-Gap-Benbrack-Slievenakilla-Glan Nth West County Cavan, Ireland, Ireland brendanor Mapped by 08/31/2009
Giant's Causeway Walk route image 2.61 mi Walk Giant's Causeway Giants Causeway, N. Ireland, United Kingdom BMLevitan Mapped by 09/05/2009
strabane to enniskillen Walk route image 40.15 mi Walk strabane to enniskillen Ireland , Ireland fromeboy Mapped by 11/14/2009
enniskillen to athlone Walk route image 73.03 mi Walk enniskillen to athlone Ireland, Ireland fromeboy Mapped by 11/14/2009
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