Isle of Manhattan





625400 ft

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New York, NY, United States
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This is a day long walk around the perimeter of the entire isle of Manhattan. Pack some snacks, a lunch, and some water- it's an all day event,it's intense, but it's an amazing journey in the greatest city in the U.S.


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Climb Details

Rating Start/End Points Length Start/End Elevation Avg Grade
Cat False 20.45 mi/40.90 mi 20.45 mi -106,587 ft/-547 ft 98.2%
Cat hc 61.42 mi/66.45 mi 5.04 mi -106,552 ft/-81,923 ft 92.6%
Cat False 71.49 mi/92.37 mi 20.89 mi -106,554 ft/163 ft 96.8%
Cat 4 104.74 mi/110.59 mi 5.84 mi 26 ft/165 ft 0.5%
Cat False 131.47 mi/148.01 mi 16.54 mi -106,574 ft/-21,234 ft 97.7%
Cat False 158.82 mi/173.81 mi 14.98 mi -76,246 ft/-15 ft 96.4%
Cat False 194.38 mi/215.02 mi 20.64 mi -106,569 ft/-142 ft 97.7%
Cat hc 235.66 mi/239.82 mi 4.16 mi -106,562 ft/-86,637 ft 90.6%
Cat False 242.74 mi/261.83 mi 19.08 mi -99,903 ft/-90 ft 99.1%

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