070325 Walk





249 ft

Begins in:
Brooklyn, NY, United States
Created By:
Red Angoon
03/25/07: So today it finally hit me, last of the myspace-deprived, as I was walking down 7th Avenue after a couple of rounds through Prospect Park: <br> <br> I should log my miles leading up to my AvonWalk! <br> <br> (For those of you who didn&#039;t come here through my Avonwalk page: I signed up for the 2-day walk against breastcancer in L.A. this year - feel free to visit my site: <br> http://www.avonwalk.org/site/TR?pg=personal&amp;fr_id=1284&amp;px=3269237 <br> ) <br> <br> What a brilliant idea! This must be the awakening of the synapses under the influence of the first spring sunrays... <br> <br> So here is the format: <br> Date - Time - Route - Distance - musings and events. <br> <br> Every day from now on until September 15th?? <br> Don&#039;t count on it - but the highlights shall be recorded... <br> Brace yourselves! <br> <br> And for self-motivation I will cheat and back-log the last week...


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