Silberhorn Rd. - Discovery Trail #1





225 ft

Begins in:
Sequim, WA, United States
Created By:
Anthony Paul Murillo
This route begins at the intersection of Comet Court and Valley View Drive off Silberhorn Road. Valley View Drive is before River Road on the right side (north side of Silberhorn Rd.) and is just past the Sequim City Limits. <br> <br> From the Start Point turn right on Silberhorn Rd., heading West. Follow Silberhorn Rd. West to River Road. <br> <br> Head North along River Road passing Hwy. 101, AppleBee&#039;s and Taco Time. As you approach the Arterial Circle head East on ? along Wal-Mart. <br> <br> Arrive at Priest Rd. and turn left, heading North along Wal-Mart. After you pass Wal-Mart keep your eyes out for signs directing you to the Discovery Trail. This will be just before Priest Rd. ends and is just before Hendricks Rd. Pick up the Trail here making a left and heading West. <br> <br> You will follow the Trail into Railroad Bridge Park. You will find Restrooms in this area. Continue on the Trail crossing over the train trussel and continue heading West. Use the Northern most Trail until you reach the turn-around marker. <br> <br> Keep following the Trail heading West. When arriving at Carlsborg Road there will be food available in this area. Just past Carlsborg Road Restrooms will be available again. <br> <br> Continue heading West along Discovery Trail all the way to Matson Road. Matson Road will be the 7 1/2 Mile Marker Turn-Around. Turn-around here and use the Southern most part of the Trail for your return walk. <br> <br> Head East along Discovery Trail following the Trail all the way back from the Start Point. Remember to note the Restroom and Food Markers on the Return walk. <br> <br> Return to the intersection of Comet Court and Valley View Drive. This will be the 15 Mile End Point! Good Luck! And, Great Job!!!


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